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Our mission is to disciple pastors in theology and ministry, to equip local gatherings of believers to serve their communities, and build a foundation for self-supporting churches to grow. 


Shadow Servants was not designed to be like traditional missionaries or to be an organization that occasionally sends out mission trips to Africa. At Shadow Servants, we want to get behind what God is already doing in Africa and serve in the shadows of local leaders who God has already raised up. But what does serving in the shadows look like?


The light of the gospel is growing stronger among the forgotten people and tribes of Africa. In the nomadic Turkana, Rindile, Masai, and Samburu people, local pastors are standing up against tribal traditions and cults to proclaim Christ as King. Shadow Servants seeks to equip these African saints with the tools they need to combat the many false gospels and religions they face.


As believers, we are called to tend to physical needs as well as the spiritual. Through donations of supporting individuals and churches, Shadow Servants helps bring water to communities who may not have a reliable source and provides them with places to gather in worship of our Lord. We also create educational opportunities for African youth and a path toward advancement for African women within their communities. Above all, we are a people devoted to prayer for the mission of Christ in Africa. 

Our mission -- to disciple pastors in theology and ministry, to equip local gatherings of believers to serve their communities, and build a foundation for self-supporting churches to grow -- would not be possible without your support. We want to be as transparent as possible with the donations we receive. Listed below are some of the many ways Shadow Servants helps support our brothers and sisters in Africa. 


Shadow Servants has helped plant numerous churches throughout Kenya and Tanzania. Not only do we cover all material expenses for new church buildings, which are then raised by local volunteers, but we continue to support these churches and fund various upkeep, renovation, and project expenses.  


Shadow Servatns helps build schools connected to local churches. We firmly believe that the youth of Africa deserve the chance to go to learn and grow through education. Not only that, but the education these schools provide the youth of Africa centers on a solid, biblical foundation. 



Shadow Servants believes in equipping our local pastors with solid biblical theology and teachings that they are then able to communicate to future church leaders. Of course, the first resource we provide to our churches and pastors is God's holy word; we fill African churches and communities with Bibles. We also provide our pastors with theological material such as the Heidelberg Catechism to help them grow and teach. African translators take these materials and translate them into local languages.

Water Projects

Shadow Servants is committed to improving the quality of life for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Africa. Many communities do not have a reliable source of water.  Through the digging of wells and funding the construction of water pumps, we bring sustainable sources of desperately-needed water to local communities. 


Shadow Servants helps provide women from local churches with sewing machines, which create an opportunity for women to earn a sustainable income. What started out with one woman's desire to sew has evolved into a network throughout Kenya. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many women have begun sewing masks. Since these projects have begun in two of our  churches, many women have benefited from this initiative.  



Shadow Servants has helped provide pastors with motorbikes to aid their travel as they reach Africa to preach the Gospel message. Because of these bikes, these pastors are able to go further and reach places and people that would otherwise be inaccessible. A massive incentive for the motorbikes is the mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While Americans would be in danger visiting this particular mission field, African pastors from Kenya and other countries are able to reach into the Congo's society of unrest. Along with the motorbikes, we provide our pastors with phones to communicate with us and fellow pastors.

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