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There is always something going on at Shadow Servants, and we are ready to faithfully serve God and further His Kingdom. 


Our most recent project has been helping fund the construction of new toilets for Kareterete Church in Meru, Kenya.

The toilets at Kareterete Church served believers for many years, but recently their condition has worsened to such a state that they were shut down due to safety concerns. After an assessment of the damage, the elders at Kareterete Chruch decided to dig and build new toilets for their congregation. This new structure would have concrete floors, sand-cemented rock walls, and a roof made out of iron sheets. The estimated cost for this type of structure is $510.  


As of April 2021, we have successfully raised enough money to completely fund this project, praise God! The new toilets are up and running and serving the body of believers at Kareterete Chruch well. The pictures below showcase the progression of the construction from the broken-down toilets to the brand new structures.  


Evans Keda is the pastor at River Of Life Reformed Christian Church in Bumala, Kenya. He has been running a Bible School to help disciple pastors and church leaders. In Kenya, many communities believe Prosperity Gospel or cultic teachings; Pastor Evans disproves these idolatries and builds these individuals up in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. This school is attracting many preaches and church elders from around the area, and while the school is currently meeting at River Of Life Reformed Christian Church, Pastor Evans is looking to build a new Bible School building. While they have already acquired a piece of land, Pastor Evans and his community need funds to make this Bible School a reality. Pictured below are the plans that have been drawn up for the school. 



Mwandama Reformed Baptist Church in Mwanza, Tanzania also doubles as school that provides education to local impoverished and orphaned children. Pastor Suleman Kanagana has been working hard to expand the school's facilities. Recently he was able to purchase enough iron sheets to put roofs on two of the classrooms, leaving only two classrooms left without roofs. We need your help to complete these last two classrooms so more children can receive a life-changing education. 

If you would like to help fund these projects and others like them, click the "donate" button below. Thank you for your continued support of Shadow Servants!


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